Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) uses software to manage and control the flow of user and application traffic over networks of different technologies, providers and infrastructures.

This software-defined approach leverages the intelligence and flexibility of software to construct a wide area network that suits any networking environment.

SD-WAN - Add Bandwidth Easily

SD-WAN allows you to use multiple internet connections, of different technologies, at the same time.

You can add more bandwidth to your network easily by simply connecting extra internet connections to your?SD-WAN router.

SD-WAN adds bandwidth to traditional WAN easily - three ISPs

SD-WAN Manage User and Application Traffic Easily

SD-WAN monitors the health and qualities of all available internet connections, and uses these measurements, as well as pre-specified rules, to manage user and application traffic.

You can specify rules to reserve expensive internet connection for critical use while prioritising non-critical traffic on low-cost connections

You can also send real-time services like VoIP and video on any, or selected only, connections with the lowest latency for optimal performance.

SD-WAN manages user and application traffic easily

SD-WAN - Automatic Failover

SD-WAN continually checks the health of all available internet connections.

If one or more of your internet connections fails, SD-WAN will automatically gear user and application traffic to the other available internet connections to keep your network always connected.

SD-WAN automatically failovers traffic

Peplink and Pepwave SD-WAN routers

Peplink Balance SD-WAN router

Peplink Balance SD-WAN router is equipped with 2 to up to 13 ethernet WAN ports for connecting to internet connections of different technologies, providers and infrastructures.

Each Peplink Balance?SD-WAN router also features one USB port for connecting to USB 4G LTE/3G modem.

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Pepwave MAX SD-WAN router

Pepwave MAX SD-WAN router is equipped with up to 4 embedded 4G LTE/3G modems and USB ports for connecting to 4G LTE/3G internet connections of different providers and infrastructures.

Each Pepwave MAX SD-WAN router also features a number of ethernet WAN ports for connecting to Iridium/Inmarsat satellite internet, VSAT, DSL/Fibre or ethernet internet of any kind.

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Peplink MediaFast router

Peplink MediaFast router is equipped with ethernet WAN ports, embedded 4G LTE/3G modems and USB ports.

The Peplink MediaFast router is engineered to supercharge video delivery and content access. With software licenses, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding Hybrid WAN can also be activated on the MediaFast router to use different wired or wireless internet technologies and providers, at the same time or as backup,?to increase bandwidth and network reliability, or to establish a SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding Hybrid WAN with another Peplink or Pepwave SD-WAN routers.

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