InControl 2 Cloud Management

InControl 2 is Peplink’s cloud-based remote management and monitoring platform.

You can monitor, configure and manage all your Peplink and Pepwave SD-WAN router, MediaFast router,?SD Switch, as well as Pepwave access points, Device Connector and AirProbe remotely, from anywhere you have internet access to the InControl 2 cloud platform.

You can also receive instant push notification, of changes in your network, to your mobile devices with the free Peplink InControl mobile app, available on?Apple or Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. InControl 2 is an optional cloud management service, offered by Peplink, for Peplink or Pepwave devices.

To use InControl 2, your Peplink or Pepwave devices will need to have either

  1. Product warranty, or
  2. InControl 2 subscription.

All new Peplink or Pepwave devices come with 1-year standard product warranty. It can be extended with add-on purchase. This extends?product warranty as well as access to InControl 2.

Alternatively if your Peplink and Pepwave model is listed below, you can add?InControl 2 subscription to it to extend access to InControl 2 after the 1-year?standard product warranty. This extends access to InControl 2. This however does not extend?product warranty.

  • Balance 20, 30, 50, One, One Core
  • MAX On-The-Go, BR series
  • Surf SOHO
  • AP One AC Mini, 300M, In-Wall, Flex
  • AP Pro
  • FusionHub Essential, FusionHub Pro

Peplink or Pepwave devices, that are not on the list above, will need to have extended product warranty to extend InControl 2 access.

Still unsure what you will need to use InControl 2? See this blog post?for a four yes-or-no question approach.

InControl 2 is hosted at Amazon Web Services?in the United States.

You will lose:

  • Cloud monitoring and management using InControl 2.

You will not lose:

  • All the features that your?Peplink or Pepwave devices come out of the box with.

You will still be able to

  • Login to InControl 2.
  • View and inspect logs, report and other data of your?Peplink or Pepwave devices before their product warranty or?subscription expire.

Your Peplink or Pepwave devices with no longer a valid product warranty or subscription will be:

  • Shown as offline on InControl 2.
  • No longer reporting logs, report and other data to InControl 2.
  • No longer receiving new configuration change from InControl 2.

InControl 2. On-The-Go.

InControl 2 can also be accessed on the free Peplink InControl mobile app, available on?Apple Store.

You can review your entire network, at a glance, on your fingertips. Peplink InControl mobile app can also send you instant push notification of changes in your network to keep you informed on-the-go.

Peplink InControl 2 mobile app

Cloud-based Remote Provisioning for?SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding Hybrid WAN

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding Hybrid WAN can be easily configured, between hundreds or thousands of devices, in a few clicks using InControl 2.

Peplink and Pepwave devices

Peplink Balance SD-WAN router

Peplink Balance SD-WAN router is equipped with 2 to up to 13 ethernet WAN ports for connecting to internet connections of different technologies, providers and infrastructures.

Each Peplink Balance?SD-WAN router also features one USB port for connecting to USB 4G LTE/3G modem.

Learn more about the Peplink Balance
Pepwave MAX SD-WAN router

Pepwave MAX SD-WAN router is equipped with up to 4 embedded 4G LTE/3G modems and USB ports for connecting to 4G LTE/3G internet connections of different providers and infrastructures.

Each Pepwave MAX SD-WAN router also features a number of ethernet WAN ports for connecting to Iridium/Inmarsat satellite internet, VSAT, DSL/Fibre or ethernet internet of any kind.

Learn more about the Pepwave MAX
Peplink MediaFast router

Peplink MediaFast router is equipped with ethernet WAN ports, embedded 4G LTE/3G modems and USB ports.

The Peplink MediaFast router is engineered to supercharge video delivery and content access. With software licenses, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding Hybrid WAN can also be activated on the MediaFast router to use different wired or wireless internet technologies and providers, at the same time or as backup,?to increase bandwidth and network reliability, or to establish a SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding Hybrid WAN with another Peplink or Pepwave SD-WAN routers.

Learn more about the Peplink MediaFast
Peplink SD Switch

Peplink SD Switch’s cloud-based manageability makes configuring a SD Switch half way around the world in a remote branch location as easy and as simple as configuring a SD Switch right in the home office.

The ability to apply a single config to, or to change a config on, numerous SD Switches at once also means that managing a hundred SD Switches is as seamless as managing one.

Learn more about the Peplink SD Switch
Pepwave access points and AirProbe

The Pepwave access point?offers fast, secure and manageable wireless internet.

The Pepwave Device Connector extends your Wi-Fi signal, and at the same time connect your ethernet-only network device to the Wi-Fi network.

The Pepwave?AirProbe and InControl 2 Cloud Wi-Fi Diagnostics help keep your Wi-Fi network in check.

Learn more about the Pepwave Wi-Fi Access Point and AirProbe

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