On October 16th, 2017, an industry wide vulnerability (VU#228519) in WPA/WPA2 was made public. We have evaluated our products and online services to assess the impact of this vulnerability.

Affected Features:
Wi-Fi AP functionality is NOT affected by this vulnerability.
Wi-Fi WAN functionality is affected.

Affected Models:
In general, our products which support ?Wi-Fi as WAN? functionality are affected, including:
MAX: 700, OTG, BR1, BR1 Mini, BR1 Slim, BR1 Pro, HD2, HD2 IP67, HD4, Hotspot, Transit
MediaFast: HD2, HD4
Surf: SOHO, On-The-Go
Device Connector Series

You may disable the Wi-Fi WAN feature to temporarily eliminate the vulnerability.

Permanent Resolution:
We are developing firmware to address the vulnerability.
Release 7.0.3 for MAX and SOHO (only to those models that have Wi-Fi WAN)
Release 6.3.5 for previous generation of MAX and SOHO, which can only?support Firmware 6.x series
Release 1.1.1 for Device Connector Rugged
Release 1.0.30 for Surf On-The-Go

ETA for the firmware releases is within two weeks.

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